Jobs with No Boss

Dawna Jones
2 min readMay 23

In a period where quiet quitting is a silent indictment of workplaces that have not adapted, two people have pulled together a platform to match companies using a distributed governance model and approach. In this episode of the Inspirational Insights podcast Hugo Lopes and Dunia Reverter talk about where the idea came from, what it was inspired by, and why it is so important now.

A global platform, the site scrapes job posting from the world’s most progressive companies that have put concepts into action.

The list grows so the site is in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign to continue the build-out providing both companies and people seeking meaningful work with a centralized place to meet! If you’ve been following the workplace revolution work, you’ll notice some familiar names along with new ones.

Each was screened through the question:

Some say they have, but the truth is revealed through the language used, reflecting the philosophy and structure of the positions.

Listen in as we talk about the idea. If you support it, head to the crowdfunding campaign on Indigogo.

Real change is grass roots lead. You’ll find all size of companies on this list. From Buurtzorg to three Canadian companies (yeah!) and the list grows. The result provides job seekers with a one-stop shop for a more responsible and responsive business philosophy in practice.

Dawna Jones

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