Liberating Education through Technology and Vision with Dwayne Matthews

Dawna Jones
3 min readMay 14, 2021

Moving education to an online format has forced change on educators bound to an inflexible system. With students ranging from fluent digital natives to completely terrified, making education user-friendly is a challenge that will take collaboration with students.

Dwayne Matthews — Tomorrow Now Learning Labs

Dwayne Matthews is the Chief Innovation Evangelist, and Future of Education Strategist who helps school boards, educators and parents understand new and evolving themes in the 21st century, the future of work to prepare children to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital information-driven world. As an XPrize Connect Advisory Board member, he contributes to the XPrize Connect Future of Learning Lab which will create a vision of an equitable and sustainable future for education and technology. The aim is to help young learners around the world reach their full potential.

Education is becoming more accessible and self-directed with the introduction of technology combined with ingenuity.

“When I was in high school, I had to learn about Robert Mugabi, the former president of Zimbabwe. Tyrant to many. For me to do that, I had to go to my neighbor who had the encyclopedias that went past the A-D I had (remember those kits would be like $5,000). There’d be a small bit of writing but it wouldn’t be enough. Then I would have to get onto a bus, go down to the library, speak to the librarian, go through the Dewey decimal system, and hopefully the librarian knew who I was talking about. She or he would get me to those books. If the books weren’t there, they would tell me to get back in line and come back in the next 10 days. All in all the whole process would take me about 20 days. Today my son just has to speak it into a speaker and it’ll send it into all his devices, millions and millions of videos, hundreds of thousands of articles in seconds. What took me 20 days takes them a few seconds. That seems simple, but it’s profound because it’s exponential with very profound impacts on education and work and the economy in general.”

Connectivity is key but so is imagination and creative resilience. My own experience traveling in Africa showed me how resourceful people become within constraints. Dwayne confirmed that when he pointed out that in Rwanda some schools have one-to-one laptops…

Dawna Jones

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