Companies that mimic nature are grounded in principles — the same ones Nature uses to manage the complex adaptive system we count on every day. In 2008 I started down the ecological pathway to organization design by combining investment advisor Joseph Bragdon’s LAMP index (Living Asset Management Performance) with seeing deep dynamics and interdependent yet connected interactions. Jay Bragdon’s work validated the outstanding market performance of companies that exemplify biomimicry management while offering insights and data on performance and practices. His second book, , featured seven exemplars and the principles that…

The General Manager (GM) of a municipal department was repeatedly getting bad press for the all-too apparent failings in maintaining city roads, drainage, sewage, and water. Continuous breakdowns in water supply, blockages in main drains and sewers were inconveniencing city residents and creating high costs in property damage. City Council was being taken to court for several cases of significant damage exacerbated by its insurer’s reluctance to settle claims promptly or on a reasonable basis.

Municipal Decision-making. Photo credit:

Accused and abused by the press, residents, superiors, elected councilors, and by his managers and staff who were taking much of the heat, the GM…

Using Adversity to Develop Thinking Agility

The idea of change before crisis hasn’t taken hold in the majority of personal or business contexts. Running on autopilot is the ingrained pattern, making the Covid-19 interruption and climate crisis especially important. Every aspect of it prepares companies and humanity for the more subtle, yet high-risk upset of stealthy yet perceptible changes to the climate. With business decision-making constricted with fear, now is a good time to take a page from the entrepreneurial experience. If an entrepreneur has not been through one or more crisis’s they are not considered investment-worthy. Resilience, strength, and a chance to reinvent arises from…

Episode 78 on theexplores how to design for a better future which results in less waste and more opportunity. Ksenia Benifand came on Dawna Jones’s radar (podcast host) when she presented to the Ellen McArthur Foundation . Dawna (that’s me) had just finished writing so when Ksenia shared data on the high costs of linear decision-making, I paid attention. Zip forward to 2020 when a pandemic comes along effectively disrupting routine patterns — to offer an opening for innovation.

One year ago today, Emanuele Rapisarda and I ran…

Moving education to an online format has forced change on educators bound to an inflexible system. With students ranging from fluent digital natives to completely terrified, making education user-friendly is a challenge that will take collaboration with students.

Dwayne Matthews — Tomorrow Now Learning Labs

Dwayne Matthews is the Chief Innovation Evangelist, and Future of Education Strategist who helps school boards, educators and parents understand new and evolving themes in the 21st century, the future of work to prepare children to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital information-driven world. As an XPrize Connect Advisory Board member, he contributes to the XPrize Connect Future of Learning Lab which…

Jatin Sindhu, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

We’ve all experienced them… interruptions to life’s routine that is. But how do we use them to optimal effect? Curiosity quiets fear: What was that crisis all about? How can I make a difference? The state of the world is scaring me: What kind of meaningful contribution can I make?

Me? One of my hats is that of professional facilitator — at least that is how society labels me ― but of course, like you, I am much more than my work. When the course of my life did not go according to plan, beliefs formed to make sense out…

DepositPhotos — Leaping Snail

COVID 19 is a wake-up call that reminds us that we are part of the living system, not above it and so are subject to the laws guiding natural systems. It has shown how adaptive and prepared we are individually and organizationally when radical interruptions disrupt routine. Some companies have taken the higher ethical road, others have made short-term decisions that will likely not recover from. Almost a year later, we sit in the liminal space, between one state of consciousness and another. …

Most would agree that 2020 was a year no one wants to repeat anytime soon yet not everyone experienced it as a difficult year. Different yes, but not difficult. Overall people who had been through a lot of adversity weren’t much phased unless a relative was directly impacted. A measure of resilience and self-efficacy is developed through the experience of rising above (transcending) adverse conditions. In that sense, if you’ve made it through a difficult time and become more at peace within yourself, the Covid interruption has had less of an impact.

Collectively we learned a lot from last year…

Fork in the Road: Raise the Bar to Higher Levels or Default to Business as Usual — DepositPhotos

The Covid interruption revealed how well companies and people could respond to and utilize a complex systemic surprise like Covid-19 to adapt and evolve decision-making, leading, and organizational responsibility. How well did your company do in making the transition from a traditional way of thinking and seeing to a responsible responsive way of working with emergent forces that could catalyze adaptive thinking and creative response?

1. Service and Stewardship ~
• Traditional: The company sees sustainability as a way to gain stakeholder and investor approval. Partnerships are strategically focused toward a specific gain or a company goal. Community is excluded.

Tyson Yunkaporta-author, Sand Talk

Tyson Yunkaporta recently published . Timely since companies need a new narrative to shift from exploiting natural and human resources to being a part of the vibrant living system. Oddly the world view and thinking of indigenous traditions are overlooked by business explorers. Tyson starts with a romp through the origins of capitalism, then explores the profound insights inherent to a unifying view. Particularly relevant in the thick of unpredictable conditions.

Threading an organic logic through experience, indigenous thinking unifies and collates perspectives in a true narrative fashion. Dawna’s and Tyson’s conversation…

Dawna Jones

Collectively designing a better world through conscious decision-making leadership. Inspirational Insights, Leadership, Strategic Insights, Author-Speaker.

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